Young Interpreters

Pupil Job Specification:

To be kind and approachable

  1. Always have a smile on our faces
  2. Ask if someone needs help or looks lost
  3. Wear my badge to let others in the school know who we are
  4. Being able to understand others
  5. feelings and suggest ideas to help them

To be great role models

  1. Show good manners (Say please and thank you!) when talking to children, teachers and lunchtime staff
  2. Be polite to new visitors (they might be joining our school too!)
  3. Helping others by holding the door open, share equipment or suggest things you enjoy (fun reading books or helpful websites for learning)

To be adaptable

  1. I can work with different year groups and children who aren’t just my friends
  2. I try to figure out different ways to solve problems and work in a team to achieve success
  3. I like new challenges

What I will be doing?

  1. I can help you find places if you get lost
  2. I can help you remember lots of names – there’s so many to remember!!!
  3. I can show you the games we play and we’d like to know yours too
  4. I can let you know what our class and school routines are