Year 6’s Fantastic Fun-Filled Weeks

Year 6 Fantastic Fun-Filled Weeks

Sycamore class are raising money for the school to buy more microphones for future productions. Meet Hannah, Kayleigh, Erica and Charlie on ks2 playground because we are selling and playing a range of activities like fairy cakes and a range biscuits like (chocolate chip cookies, rich tea biscuits, Oreo thins, shortcake biscuits and oatie crumbles.) We are also doing an obstacle course and other sports activities. We are selling cups of lemonade week after. The final week we are holding a drawing competition.


  1. Fairy cakes – 40p
  2. All biscuits – 10p
  3. Lemonade – 30p
  4. Drawing competition – 25p to enter


Hello people , we are doing some events over the next four weeks at 10:45 and 12:10 . Please join us on our activities so we can earn money for our school so that we can buy more microphones for the school play. We will do apple bobbing , hit the target and guess the teacher . You can win prizes such as sweets or chocolates. The activities will be at Cherrywood Primary School, Mayfield Rd, Farnborough, GU14 8LH.

If you have any allergies, please tell us .


Come and join Nick and George at the field at break and lunch on the 29th of June onwards to buy an ice lolly for 50p. Also on the 29th of June, Nick will be doing a sports activity, which will be penalties (it means when you kick the ball in the goal and the goal keeper tries to stop the ball). It is 25p per go. On the 3rd of July, Shane will be doing a sponge throwing activity where you have 2 goes to throw either a sponge or a water balloon at Shane; this will cost 25p per 2 goes. If you manage to hit Shane on the head you will get 2 chocolates or 2 sweets.


Starting from next week Jake, Charlie and Archie are holding fun activities at lunch and break. We will be holding a water gun game that you have to knock over cups and whoever gets them all knocked over you will get put to the free for all, against the over winners if you come 1st place you get 3 sweets. if you come 2nd you get 2 sweets and if you get 3rd you get 1 sweet.


As part of our summer event Kaitlyn, Ella and Maham will be holding some activities to raise money for the school for headsets. The events are: Loom bands, drawing competition, nails, ice pops, face paint, water balloons, and guess the teddy. All of the prices are between 20p and £1.00. More information will be handed to each class so you will know when the activities will be. We hope we see you there this will be loads of fun and it will be amazing.



Starting next week a Year 6 group called FizzPops will be selling great tasting cakes and biscuits.  The cakes are only 50p and the biscuits are only 20. The next week will be an obstacle course- for only 50p. On the 3rd week we are treasure hunt; for 20p. And on the final week of is selling and playing games we will be playing hook a bottle.


In our group we have decided that we will be doing sponge and water balloon throwing at Shane. If you hit him in the face you will get some sweets. This activity will cost 25p per go. We are also doing some sports activities: a three legged race, a basketball competition and a dizzy penalty shootout. For this activity we will also be giving away some sweets. Some may contain gelatine but don’t worry because if you’re not allowed gelatine you can have some chocolate instead. These sports activities all cost 50p each. We will be doing nail painting on the second to last week for 3 days. Finally, on the last week we will be doing a 25% off deal for a raffle, for a chance to win a spectacular prize.


Come on down to the school to have a thrilling fidget spinner challenge! We also have cake decorating, You can decorate your own cakes! Who thought of that! And if you guess how long the fidget spinner lasts for…    You get the fidget sinner! So cool! XD


As part of sycamore class’ fundraising, Tyler, Igor and Brandon will be giving you the chance to decorate your own biscuit. This will take place at 12.30 on 30th June and 4th, 5th and 7th July.

Come along and have some fun with us designing and decorating with icing and a variety of sprinkles. Then enjoy eating your creation.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Ice lollies

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