Year 3 Discovery!

Aeris B

Today Larch Class made a strange discovery.  Very strange indeed. Keep it a secret, don’t tell anyone at all! A baby woolly mammoth called Tiny got dropped off in a box.  The man that mailed it is called Ag Stone.  Please tell us if you know anything about this man. The mommoth has got lonely, emerald eyes, pure, white tusks, gloomy, grey ears and a miniature , stubby tail.



Just when we were about to do our work, slowly, Miss Culverhouse came in with a suspicious, odd box and we opened it.  We couldn’t believe our eyes, there was a woolly mommoth.  Then we saw a letter that said something.  It said, Please take care of my baby woolly mammoth.  His name is Tiny and I’ll be back in a few weeks to get him.  Mr Ag Stone.  Who is Ag Stone and why did he give it to us?



You won’t believe it, Miss Culverhouse cam in with a mysterious, paper wrapped, brown box, and gave it to Mrs Gillatt. She opened the box.  It had white, clean tusks. The brown wooly mammoth was covered in hay.  Mrs Gillatt noticed a white piece of paper rolled up.  She read it to us, it said Dear Year 3,  Can you look after my wooly mammoth called Tiny?  I will be back in a few weeks to pick him up.

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