Sycamore Class PGL Adventure!

A few days ago, Sycamore Class (Year 6) were invited to a weekly activity centre at Marchant’s Hill. We took part in a multitude of new adventures.

Gabriel- aged 10- announced that it was one of his favourite experiences of his life, his favourite was the giant swing. Undeterred by his fear of heights, he said, “Even though it was scary, it was a whole lot of fun.”

PGL, which has facilities situated all across the country, is a brilliant place to visit for adults and children. Positioned in the heart of the Devil’s Punchbowl, Marchant’s Hill provides many exciting activities. These include: a huge, two-man swing; an abseiling tower; a muddy challenge course and archery range. And that’s only some of them!

Led by a group of highly experienced and very funny PGL staff- ours was called Huw- we can assure you that a good time was had by all. Most events were attended by us every day in a full schedule, meaning that we could experience a wide variety of activities. Many of us (including Mrs Cornwell and Miss Hammond) had never tried these before, for example, Gabriel attempted abseiling and did exceptionally well.

PGL has been a fabulous opportunity for bonding, building relationships and groups of friends. If we were you, we would encourage you to send your child to PGL because they will have a splendid time!

Kian Court


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