Spotlight: Mariana’s First Holy Communion

My FIRST HOLY COMMUNION on 18 June 2017 at Farnborough Hill.
Special events can often make us feel excited or nervous and that was what I felt on the day of my FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.
Exited because I dressed up with a long white  dress like a princess. Nervous because it was my first time receiving HOLY COMMUNION (host).
When we receive Jesus in HOLY COMMUNION we are united with him in a very special way.
Me and 53 children more had children’s meetings to learn about GOD ‘S  life.
The most important point to remember is that this was a time of happiness, love and celebration for me.
My parents, family and friends were with me to help.
The priest was called Father Tony, he is kind, friendly and funny.
 I read in mass on my special day, I read a pray.
 I had lots of photos take all day!
Have you done your FIRST COMMUONION?
For me it was a very special time of my life.
Mariana Pires (Year 3)
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