Sports Day 2018

Thank you to all who came along to support a very sunny Sports Day.   We all appreciate the time taken out from your busy schedule. I am sure you will all agree it was a huge success, not only did the children have a great time-but the staff did too!

It was the first time our children competed in their houses, Griffin, Phoenix, Dragon and Unicorn. KS1 started the day with competitive events on the track. Some of these events included skipping, hurdles, sprint and relay. KS2 completed their events on the field which included standing jump, javelin, bean bag throw and football dribble.

The children were competing to collect points for their house. At the end, all points were collected and added up. During celebration assembly, the results were shared to all the children and the houses that won for each event were announced. The overall winning house was Unicorns. Well done to all children for their great effort.

Sports Day Results

This year children competed in a variety of events to earn points for their team.

Skipping – joint first Phoenix and Unicorns

Hurdles – Unicorns

Ball over head – Phoenix

Relay – Dragons

Sprint – Griffins

Jumping – Griffins

Bean bag throwing – Dragons

Javelin – joint first Unicorns and Dragons

Football skills – Unicorns


Overall scores

1st place Unicorns 159 points

2nd place Dragons 144 points

3rd place Phoenix 143 points

4th place Griffins 134 points



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