Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K Lewis – Headteacher (Safeguarding Leader)

Miss S Culverhouse – Deputy Headteacher (SENCo, Maths and Early Years Leader)


Class Teachers

Miss L Bowen – Ash (Reception)   English Team

Mrs L Gurung – Chestnut (Year 1)   Physical Education Leader

Mrs S Plascott – Elm (Year 2)   History, Geography and School Council Leader

Mrs K Gillatt – Larch (Year 3)   Religious Education and Reading Champions Leader

Mrs S Griffiths– Larch (Year 3)   Targeted Teaching Manager and Pupil Premium Leader

Mrs K Hazelton – Oak (Year 4)   English Team

Miss L Hammond – Pine (Year 5)   Science and PSHE Leader

Mr C Welsh – Sycamore (Year 6)   Computing Leader

Mrs J Gibson – Targeted Teacher and Music Manager


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs D Tagima (Reception)

Mrs K Payne (Reception)

Mrs L Lord (Year 1)

Mrs S Bouzidi (Year 1 and 5 – SEN Support)

Mrs M Hyatt (Year 2)

Miss T Spooner (Year 2)

Mrs J Illott (Year 3)

Miss J Maultby (Year 3)

Mrs S Cornwell (Year 4)

Mrs S Casey (Year 5 – ASD Support)

Miss S Waterhouse (Year 5 – ASD Support)

Mrs J Lewis (Year 6)

Mrs C Wright (Year 6 – ASD Support)


Specialist Support/Librarian

Miss L Micallef – Speech and Language Lead

Mrs M Andrews – Phonics Lead

Mrs K Stanton – Nurture Group Lead

Mrs J Patel – Nurture Group Support

Mrs J Litwin – Specialist Support and Librarian


Admin Team

Mrs K Wiseman – Business Manager

Mrs T Pemberton – Admin Officer

Mrs E Mawdsley – Admin Assistant  


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs P Buck – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Capon – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Hyatt – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T McCutcheon – Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss S Taylor – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Miftari – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Bouzidi – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Pires – Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss J Maultby – Lunchtime Play Leader

Miss T Spooner – Lunchtime Club

Mrs S Casey – Lunchtime Club


Breakfast Club Leaders

Miss T Spooner

Mrs J Litwin

Mrs C Wright


Kitchen Staff

Mrs C Snook

Mrs V Yoncu

Miss E Lucken


Premises Team

Mr C Gurung – Caretaker

Mrs R Smith – Cleaner

Mrs T Brereton – Cleaner