Nurture Team

Cherrywood has a Nurture Team that care for children’s emotional wellness at school. The team includes  Mrs Casey, Miss Spooner and Mrs Nwese.  The team has been specially trained to work in a nurture group setting.

orchardThe Orchard is a small group setting where

  • children are supported to develop positive relationships with adults and each other
  • developing children’s self-esteem takes high priority
  • children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and take responsibility for their actions
  • play opportunities are provided to help children learn to share and get on with each other
  • children are encouraged to care for each other and their environmentThe Orchard is designed for children who may
  • have difficulty concentrating and learning in the classroom
  • have difficulty controlling their feelings and expressing them in an acceptable way
  • have difficulty getting along with other children
  • be quiet or withdrawn

In a typical session the children will take part in Circle Time, snack time, play games, learn social skills. There will also be opportunities for practical activities, such as cooking and art.

The nurture group staff liaise closely with the children’s class teachers to ensure that there is continuity between the work the children do in The Orchard and the classroom.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, please speak to Miss Culverhouse at the school.