Greek Hook Day

Last Week the children were greeted by Archimedes (a famous Greek philosopher and mathematician), who set the children a challenge. An ancient Greek archaeological dig had been found this morning on the playground! The children went in groups to go and excavate some of the artefacts and remains.

The children were astonished to find fossilised Greek organic remains (poo!). We decided to bring it back to class and dissect it and dig through the organic remains to learn about the ancient Greek diet. A wave of disgusted yet fascinating faces washed across the classroom as the children rooted through to find seeds and bits of undigested food. The children then learned that it was safe and not really poo.

After break, the children then ate the foods that the ancient Greeks would have eaten and described the tastes, textures and smells to the foods. We had some interesting discussions as a class and linked back to some of our work on adaptations and evolution from the autumn term.

By the afternoon, the children were so excited to write about the experience and have had a thoroughly exciting day. It has been a great kickstart to this half term’s topic – The Groovy Greeks!
















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