Crime Solving in Ash Class !

Ash Class had a very exciting morning to start their new topic “People Who Help Us”.

We came into school to find a crime scene. Somebody had eaten The Three Bear’s porridge and broken Baby Bear’s chair but we weren’t sure who did it!

We looked at the clues and evidence that had been left behind – we found some grey fur, sharp teeth and big eyes.

The children decided we should call the police to come and help us solve the crime so we had a visit from PCSO Gordon Penguilly.

He told us all about what the Police do to keep us safe every day. He showed us his note pad and radio.

He told us all about finger prints and then we had a go at making our own finger prints so we could look at how different they all are.

With Gordon’s help we solved the crime together by following the foot prints left to reveal that it was the big bad wolf!

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