Cherrywood’s Ultimate Times Table Champion Live Competitions 2017!!

Cherrywood will be running live times tables rock stars speed competition events.  Here are the plans:

Miss Culverhouse will lead 5 assemblies to which parents are invited.  They will all be at 2.45pm.  The competition will involve the fastest 6 in each Key Stage 2 class on TTRS as at 9am on Monday 19th June.  That week we will send out parent invitations to the top 6 fastest in each KS2 class to their year group competitions.  The competition will involve those pupils sitting at the front of the hall with the school and their parents as an audience.  We will be able to see how they are performing on the main projector screen.

Year 3: 26th June

Year 4: 27th June

Year 5: 29th June

Year 6: 30th June

The fastest in each year group will win a special TTRS speed champion award.

The 6 fastest across the school as at Monday 19th July will take part in the ‘Ultimate Cherrywood Tables Champion Competition’ on Friday 21st July at 2.45pm (again those parents will be invited).

The above dates are also in our diary dates section of the website.

May the practising commence……..!          

Miss Culverhouse

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