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Chair of Governors’ Blog May 25th

First a huge well done to all the pupils for the warm welcome that they gave the Ofsted Inspectors last week and the very mature way in which they co-operated with the inspection process. Pupils were polite, well-behaved and demonstrated how they live our school values on a daily basis. We also appreciate the support shown by parents and carers and the positive feedback you gave Ofsted.

The biggest thanks go to all the staff, and Mrs Lewis and Miss Culverhouse, for all their efforts to show off the school at its best.

Just before Ofsted “landed”, year 6 sat their SATS tests. Several Governors came into monitor the process. We were all impressed by the calm way in which pupils approached their tests, giving themselves the best chance of showing what they have learned. Well done Mr Welsh and his team for preparing them so well.

Year 2 have been completing their SATS tests and again have approached these very maturely. Well done to Mrs Plascott and her team for their work.

Governors have continued working behind the scenes to support the school: since the beginning of term we have carried out several financial audits, approved the budget plan, and worked on several important school policies including amendments to the Child Protection and Safeguarding policies, and the Inclusion policy (all available on the school website). Having followed up on the Parent Questionnaire at the Science Fair, Mrs Pickford met with the School Council to discuss the responses we received to the Pupils’ Questionnaire so we can decide what action we need to take to address any concerns.

We discussed the end of Phase 2 data at our last governors meeting, and will be holding a separate special meeting to consider the Phase 3 data after half term, in preparation for the review of the School Improvement Plan. We will be working with school leaders to identify and agree our priorities for 2017/18.

We are looking forward to Sports Day and the Summer Fair and look forward to seeing many of you there. In the meantime, we hope that your children enjoy their break and that this beautiful weather continues.

Betty Read

Chair of Governors

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