Chair of Governors Blog – Christmas 2017

Chair’s Blog Christmas 2017

As ever I am amazed at how quickly this term has passed and what a lot has happened in 12 weeks. There has been a real buzz around the school (not just because of Christmas) and the range and quality of work on display reflects the positive impacts of the focussed work by pupils and teachers on our key improvement priorities. On a recent monitoring visit (one of several that Governors have carried out this term on matters ranging from SEND provision to PE and Health & Safety, and data monitoring) we observed children who were happy and enthusiastic, engaged, and eager to learn. Governors have continued to attend training, meet, review policies and their impact, progress against the Getting to Good plan, and meeting with school leaders. We have received the first of a series of first hand reports from subject leaders on the progress being made on the Curriculum project, as well as meeting with the 3 LSAs who have extra responsibilities for (variously) developing our use of wonderful site for outdoor learning, developing wider community links (especially to bring more visitors into school to help broader pupils horizons/raise ambition), and monitoring and developing provision for EAL pupils.  I am pleased to report that we have also been able to recruit and additional governor and Dr O Kajero will be joining us in January. There are still vacancies!

One of the bonuses of being a school governor is that you can come to school events such as the Christmas Fairs, Nativities, and Carol Concerts – as several of us have in the last couple of weeks. No better way to get into the Christmas spirit! Setting up for the Christmas Fair was a wonderful opportunity to speak to children on a more informal basis – and how impressive they were! Curious, lively, helpful, and polite – it was huge fun setting up the Teddy stall with Year 6 who showed themselves to be very smart (they knew that when guessing an adult’s age – especially a woman – you always start low!!). Both the KS1 Nativity and the Carol Concert were joyful and moving occasions (as one governor noted “I only cried twice”). The quality of the performances improves year on year. Well done to all the pupils and a big thank you to all the staff and others who worked so hard to make these performances happen. A specific thanks to Mrs Gibson who sadly leaves us at the end of this term.

I left each of these events thinking how perfectly they demonstrate the values which are at the heart of our school. We saw teamwork amply demonstrated in the way in which pupils worked to set up and clear up the Fair, inclusivity and respect for others in Nativity and Carol Concert – it is a real credit to all those involved in these productions that every child in the school is able to participate and that their contributions are valued by all, and resilience/perseverance in one of our Concert soloist who sang on undeterred by the fact that her microphone was off! And she kept smiling.

On that note, I will finish by thanking all those who contribute to the life of the school for all they have done and to wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and all best wishes for 2018, from all the Governors.

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December 19th, 2017

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