Celebration Assembly 9th February 2018

Congratulations to all of the pupils who won an award in our assembly this week!!!

Stars of the Week – Maisie, Roman, Hayden, Amelie, Daniel, Amos, Olivia and Erin.

Maths Rockstars – Sam, Angel, Daniella, Taqi, Iva, Adarsh and Eli.

Values Award – Team work –  Well done to Stefan who won the value award this week for working with his peers, supporting them with their learning whilst also developing his own. Also nominated were – Vivi, Riley, Aeris, Erin, Kieren, Olivia, Kevin, Rigo, Ria (not in picture), Murtaza, Roman, Sara, Mehmet, Elivia, Maria, Aggelos, Tylr, Olly and Freddie (not in picture).


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