Celebration Assembly 23rd February 2018

Congratulations to all of the children who won an award in our assembly today!!!

Presentation Warriors – Aiden, Asbin, Kiera, Oliver, Jack-Ryan, Daniella and Elena.

Stars of the Week – Mary-Jane, Sara, Aeris, Sophia, Alexis, Kyle and Armani.

Value Award – Ambition – Well done to Tyler from Chestnut Class who won the award this week. Tyler is always keen to start work in the mornings and he is trying really hard with his handwriting. Also nominated were – Minahil, Eli, Zack, Mariana, Frankie and Olivia.

Well done to Sycamore class who had the best overall attendance over the last two weeks, also congratulations to Ryan won the draw for 100% attendance over the last two weeks.

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