Spotlight: Cherrywood pupil excels in gymnastics!

At Cherrywood we like to celebrate the achievements of pupils both in and out of school hours.  We will feature high achieving pupils in blog posts so our wider school community can share in the successes of our pupils.  If your child has an achievement to share, email us at

First up is Carmen’s story, she has written it in her own words:

My name is Carmen and I am in Oak class. 6 days a week I train in gymnastics. My partner and I have been chosen to go to Portugal for the Maia Cup (which is a competition) so we can perform our routine in front of many people that we don’t know. We have learnt a new move called pitch. Before that, we were doing straight jump off but now we are learning tuck back off in the rig with my coach supporting – she is not doing a lot – but she is there just in case. Last year we came 4th by 0.05 points so this year we have worked harder so we can improve our score. We have a leotard that is getting posted today it is a pink and purple colour. 

Carmen, all of us at Cherrywood wish you the very best of luck in the World Cup. We are proud that you have worked long and hard to achieve this opportunity.  (If you see Carmen at Cherrywood before the competition, remember to wish her the best!)

See below for shots of Carmen in action:








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