Air Ambulance Service visit to Ash Class

Ash Class had a very exciting visit from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service this morning.

Jo and Richard told us all about what they do and we learnt how to deal with an emergency. We learnt all about their ‘superhero’ workers who have all sorts of super powers to keep us safe.

During the visit, Miss Bowen fell over! The children learnt how to deal with the emergency and safely called the Air Ambulance for help. They checked she was breathing and looked after her before taking her to the hospital.

All the children were very good at remembering how to call 999 to get some help.

After the visit, Ash Class worked in their hospital role play area to look after any children who were feeling unwell. They also made their own helicopter in the classroom.

Thank you very much to the Air Ambulance Service – we learnt so much!


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