Able Child Building Challenge

On Wednesday the 25th January 2017 six Y6 children took part in the Able Child Build Challenge at Owlsmoor Primary School.  Kayleigh, Dipika, Archie, Sulaiman, Nik and Kaitlyn went with Mrs J Lewis to compete!

During the challenge they had to delegate six roles. These roles were: project manager, planner, builder, quantity manager, general foreman, site engineer and building advisor.
They needed to create a replica of a structure using building blocks, however there were restrictions. The builder and general foreman were the only people allowed to touch and build with the bricks! The planner was the only one allowed to draw. The quantity manager was the only person allowed to work out how much money was spent, and the only ones allowed to see the structure were the project manager.  The site engineer had 30 seconds to check the building structure matched the plan.

Kayleigh said:

It was quite hard. The teacher who ran it said that it was a year 9 task.  We all enjoyed the day because we all worked together and communicated well.  We completed two out of the four structures.  If we did the task again our group decided that we would look at each tower in the 30 second reviews rather than try to look at all the blocks and forgetting where they went.  The teacher said that we had done really well.

Have a look at how they got on:

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